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You May Need Backflow Prevention Assistance in Your Home

Monday, June 18th, 2018

sprinkler-irrigation-systemBackflow prevention is a service that homeowners often don’t realize they need. When people think of “backflow preventers”—when they think about them at all—they think of the large assemblies sitting outside of commercial and industrial buildings. The purpose of these backflow preventers is civic: they stop the wastewater from the business from flowing the wrong direction through the plumbing, leading to bacterial contamination entering the public fresh water supply.

With homes, backflow prevention is a bit different. There are fewer places in a house where there are direct cross-connections between the wastewater and freshwater sides of the plumbing. For example, there’s a natural air gap in a sink between the drain and the faucet—the wastewater in the drain won’t leap up and go the wrong way down the faucet! But there are places in your home’s plumbing where you’ll need backflow prevention devices, and our certified plumbers can help you with ensuring your freshwater supply is protected from stale water getting into it.

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Is It Time to Test Your Residential Backflow Preventer?

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Backflow is a term used to describe the cross-contamination of a freshwater supply with bacteria and contaminant-filled sewage water. Backflow is a major concern for commercial buildings, where cross-connections between the freshwater supply and the wastewater system can lead to water flowing the wrong direction and sewage entering the potable water. This can occur because of a sudden drop in pressure on the freshwater side—an event known as backsiphonage—as a result of an abrupt large demand on water, such as from firefighting or sprinklers. However, backflow can result from an increase in pressure from the wastewater side as well.

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