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Bio–Clean® Services in Silver Spring, MD and Montgomery County

Among the most important services that any professional plumber can offer to homes and businesses are drain cleaning and sewer cleaning. These jobs unclog tough obstructions, but are also a preventive measure to keep drains and the sewer lines effective throughout the year with minimal chance of clogs or unpleasant odors. There are multiple ways to perform professional drain and sewer line cleaning, and one that we favor at Mallick Plumbing & Heating is Bio-Clean®.

We provide full drain and sewer cleaning services to Silver Spring, MD and the surrounding Montgomery County area. We always put the best in technology to use to ensure you have complete drain cleaning that also protects your drains from damage and won’t place harmful chemicals into the environment. That’s why we’re proud to offer Bio-Clean® services for both residential and commercial clients. Contact our offices to find out more about Bio-Clean® or to schedule service in Silver Spring, MD and the surrounding area.

We had used other plumbing companies in the past, but Mallick has been the best by far.

- Mike C.

How Bio–Clean® Works

Bio–Clean® is an environmentally friendly drain and waste cleaning solution distributed by Statewide Supply. It contains a blend of natural bacteria and enzymes in a concentration that’s the most powerful on the market. The bacteria and enzyme blend goes to work to consume its natural food, which is the organic waste that can create clogs and buildup inside drains and sewer lines: grease, hair, paper, cotton, and sewage. As the bacteria and enzymes consume this waste, the waste is changed into water, carbon dioxide, and mineral ash—all of which are harmless and run out of the drain into the waste system.

Advantages of Bio–Clean® Drain Cleaning

Bio–Clean® is better in every way than the standard chemical cleaners consumers often pour down their drains. The process is all–natural, and the bacteria and enzymes do no damage to living tissue (making it safe for use for people in your household or employees in your business) or to inorganic material such as copper and steel (making it safe for your drainpipes and sewer lines).

Bio–Clean® is completely non–toxic. It contains zero acid, lye, or solvents. As it works, it creates no heat or fumes. Its natural byproducts don’t poison the environment, but rather provide nutrients for plant life.

Best of all, Bio–Clean® is thorough and economical. It only takes a small amount to effectively treat something as large as a thousand–gallon septic tank. Chemical cleaners can often leave buildup behind, allowing for the trouble to quickly start over again. Even mechanical processes using mechanized drain augers can leave behind debris.

Let Us Put This Natural Drain Cleaner to Work for You

We pride ourselves in being more than a plumbing company. That’s why we invest in using methods like Bio–Clean® when it comes to handling a job like drain and sewer cleaning that other contractors might approach with more conventional—and potentially less effective, even harmful—means.

You can always depend on Mallick Plumbing & Heating to handle your plumbing needs any time of the day or night. Call us today and let us be your service contractor of choice in Silver Spring, MD and the surrounding areas.

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