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Do You Need a New Well Pump?


Not all homes can receive fresh water from a municipal system. For those households without a connection to a water main, a ground well is the best solution. In order for a ground well to send water into the house’s plumbing system, the well must have a working well pump.

Like any powered mechanical device, a well pump can malfunction and either struggle to work or stop working completely. Sometimes professionals can repair the pump to get it working once again. But there will come a time in the service life of any well pump where the better option is to have the well pump replaced.

Indications of a Failing Well Pump

You should always pay careful attention to the workings of your well pump so you can tell ahead of time that it’s close to a permanent breakdown. You don’t want to have to make an emergency call to restore your well pump and your water supply if you don’t have to! The main warning sign to watch for is a steep drop in water pressure, especially when more than one tap in the house is turned on. Sputtering faucets are also major cautionary signs. Sediment appearing in your water supply is something that requires professional investigation right away.

Changing to a Constant Pressure Well Pump

If you have an older well pump that’s still doing its job adequately, you may wish to have it replaced anyway. The reason is to switch to the newer type of well pump technology, a constant pressure well pump. The older type of well pump turns on when tank pressure drops too low, then shuts off afterward reaching a set level. These newer pumps keep the pressure at a constant level, thus avoid rises and falls in water pressure in the house. Making the switch is especially noticeable when you have more than one tap turned on at once.

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