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A grinder pump is a little-known part of your plumbing system, but it is vital despite few non-professionals knowing about it. It’s essentially a larger and more impressive version of your garbage disposal: grinding up waste in your outgoing water and pumping it into civic sewer system. It’s usually placed in a tank buried beneath your yard and gets triggered whenever outgoing wastewater from your home reaches a certain level.

As you may expect, such a system requires professional services to install into your existing system, keep it repaired and maintained, and replace all components when the time comes. Mallick Plumbing & Heating, Inc. has grinder pump experts on staff and will discuss your options with you before getting your grinder pump up to speed.

Who Needs a Grinder Pump?

One of the reasons the sewer system is located beneath the streets is that it provides a natural downhill slant for your sewer line. That way, wastewater flows naturally out of your home and there’s no need to fuss.

But sometimes, a property may be located below the sewer line, or have some similar problem that prevents the wastewater from reaching the sewer. In addition, restaurants and other commercial enterprises may have a great deal more wastewater to process than residences, and for them, a grinder pump may be more necessity than luxury.

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How Does a Grinder Pump Work?

Wastewater often contains a surprising amount of solid waste, not all of which is ground down by the garbage disposal in your kitchen sink. A grinder pump simply makes use of that to keep your property clean. It’s surrounded by a tank that acts as a holding center for your wastewater. When the wastewater reaches a particular level, the pump activates, grinding down any solid waste, then pumps it out through your sewer line and into the sewer system.

In most cases, a grinder pump will run until the tank is empty, then automatically shut off. It keeps the system clear and clean without a fuss, but as you may have suspected, it also takes the attentions of a trained professional who knows what they’re doing.

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Look to Us to Handle All Your Grinder Pump Needs

Installing a grinder pump is a serious process and takes a skilled professional to handle correctly. So is replacement, though maintenance, and repair services can be made easier thanks to the advent of trenchless technology.

Call us at (301) 804-6759 today to schedule grinder pump service with one of our licensed and trained technicians. 

Whatever the issue, our Gaithersburg grinder pump installation experts can handle it. A grinder pump is a tricky system in many ways, and you need a trained plumber to do the job right. We can take care of any problems you may encounter, and our company performs installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement services on commercial units as well as residential ones.

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