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Backflow is the unintentional reversal of the flow of water through your plumbing system, which allows stale water to mix with the fresh drinking water supply. Backflow preventers are generally found on appliances such as boilers, radiators, and shower heads, and you can have backflow valves installed. Mallick Plumbing & Heating, Inc. provides backflow prevention in Gaithersburg and surrounding areas of Maryland.

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Causes of Backflow

While relatively uncommon, backflow occurs more often than most people think. Generally, it is caused by either an increase in pressure on the wastewater side of the plumbing system or a drop in pressure on the supply side, which is the most common.

The supply side pressure may drop suddenly due to:

  • A broken water main
  • Increased demand on the water supply as a result of firefighting efforts
  • A widespread power outage
  • Plumbing work requiring draining the entire house
  • New equipment causing a significant pressure change

Regardless of the cause, the last thing you want is wastewater in the drinking water supply. The places where backflow is most likely to occur include plumbing fixtures such as handheld shower heads, appliances such as boilers and radiators, and lawn irrigation systems. The water from these appliances can flow backward due to pressure changes.

Backflow Prevention

Our experienced plumbers offer solutions for backflow prevention in Gaithersburg. One device is a check valve that is installed to prevent water from flowing in the opposite direction, and there are other types of backflow preventers available. We have certified backflow testers to serve residential and commercial customers and all backflow prevention installation, repair, and maintenance services are performed according to current regulations and best practices.

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