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Commercial Drain Cleaning in Gaithersburg

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Drain lines handle a lot of traffic, particularly in a commercial space, and sometimes that can result in a serious clogged drain. Clogs can even build up at multiple locations along your drain line – especially if you run a service such as a restaurant or food-preparation service – and even the mildest clogs can benefit from the attentions of a professional plumber.

Mallick Plumbing & Heating, Inc. deals with drain clogs and similar problems almost every day, and we have the experience to unclog a drain the right way, instead of forcing through some half-measure that doesn’t really fix the problem. Our drain cleaning services can handle commercial jobs of all sizes.

If you have questions about drain cleaning or want to learn more about your options, call 
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When you need commercial drain cleaning services, trust the expert team at Mallick Plumbing & Heating, Inc. to get the job done. Whether your drains need a bit of maintenance or need a serious clog removed, we have the expert solutions that will fix the problem.

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Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Many people attempt to unclog a drain with an old-fashioned plunger, commercial cleanser, or other product. This is often a big mistake. Such methods adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to the problem, which rarely fixes it properly. You’ll have to deal with residue, which can stay stuck and easily recreate the clog just a short while later.

Call us at (301) 804-6759 today to schedule  service with one of our licensed and trained technicians. 

It is also important to remember that not all clogs are created equal. A shower drain cleaning service, for example, may need to address a hair clog in your drains, while a kitchen sink drain cleaning may involve scouring out food waste. That’s why we employ a wide array of methods to treat the precise nature of your problem. Hydro-jetting, for instance, fires pulses of high-pressure water down the pipes, while drain openers such as mechanical snakes use rotating heads to address the exact nature of the clog. That way, the clog gets treated the right way, and won’t come back to bother you again!

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