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Video Pipe Inspections: What They Are and Why We Do Them


The technology of plumbing has both advanced and stayed the same. When it comes to many basic jobs, the tools haven’t altered much in decades. But developments in other areas have made it much easier for plumbers to put those standard tools to the best use. And there’s no better example than video pipe inspection equipment.

Doing Video Pipe Inspections

Imagine a world that doesn’t have small digital cameras—a world that existed not that long ago. Back then, how did a plumber examine the inside of pipes? Well, there really wasn’t any effective way to do it. Trying to figure out where leaks were occurring or finding out what was wrong with a pipe that was hidden under construction material or a concrete slab involved mostly educated guesswork—and a few mistakes.

But we do live in a world with miniaturized cameras, and that gives plumbers the power to closely examine the interior of pipes. Video pipe inspection equipment consists of a digital camera and LED light mounted on the end of a long fiber-optic cable. A plumber sends the cable down into a drain or other access point and then can watch the images sent back from the camera on a hi-def monitor. The plumber can get up close with the interior of the plumbing system.

Video pipe inspections are helpful in numerous plumbing situations. They’re invaluable when it comes to locating pipe leaks. There’s no need to guess where the leaking pipe is located: the camera can find the exact spot the plumbers need to go. This eliminates needless damage to construction material when reaching the pipe. Video inspections are also useful for dealing with tough clogs. The plumber will find out what type of material is clogging up the pipe and discover the fastest way to deal with it. Video inspections save time and make sure the plumbers get the job done right.

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