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Is It Time to Replace Your Bathroom Toilet?


The toilet is about as functional an item as a home has: a necessary fixture, but probably one which you don’t give much thought unless it needs repairs. This means that you might ignore the age of a toilet and not realize that it’s due to have a replacement. Below, we’ll take a look at indications that you should contact our bathroom plumbing professionals and arrange to have them install a new toilet (or toilets) for your house.

The toilet is a water waster

The bathroom is the room in your house that uses the most water, and the toilet can account for up to 40% of that amount. This means the toilet contributes a significant part of your monthly water bills. If your toilet is an old model, it probably uses around 6 gallons a flush—and that’s far too much! A newer toilet, even one that isn’t a special low-flush model, uses less than 4 gallons per flush. If you have high water bills, it might be time to replace the toilet.

Leak repairs (and other repairs) are becoming common

Have you called for repairs for the toilet more than once per year to fix the development of leaks or other issues, such as when the toilet won’t stop running? These malfunctions are a sign of a fixture that is wearing down to the point where it will only be able to continue to run with repair after repair—and that’s a large waste of money that a new toilet will help you fix.

Constant clogging

Toilets clog up now and then, that’s simply the way it goes. A plunger will usually solve these problems. But if you find that you’re using the plunger all the time, then you should consider if the age of the toilet is at fault and it no longer has the flushing power or drainage ability to do its job.

If you’re unsure about whether it’s time for a new toilet, get in touch with our plumbers and let them examine your bathroom plumbing. They’ll provide expert advice.

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