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Is It Time to Replace Your Old Kitchen Sink?

Monday, November 20th, 2017

kitchen-sink-pouring-waterIf you’re reading this, you have some reason to have the current sink in your kitchen removed and replaced. There are a couple of reasons you might be debating this change:

  • You’re just tired of the look of the old sink. It’s been there for years—probably since before you moved into the house—and you’d like a fresh kitchen look without having to do an extensive remodel.
  • The sink isn’t flexible enough for your cooking needs. You’d like multiple bowls, better faucets, more space, etc.
  • You’re looking to have the current material of the sink replaced with something more durable.
  • The sink has damage, such as cracks or leaking around the sides, and it’s not damage that a localized fix will remedy.

Whatever the reason, you’re ready to have the old sink tossed out and a new one put in. To handle this type of sink plumbing in Bethesda, MD, you’ll want to look to experienced plumbers to help you through all the steps so you end up with a great new sink.

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Quick Garbage Disposal Reminder for the Holidays

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

thanksgiving-cornucopiaThe big holidays are coming up, and for many households that means hosting guests and enjoying big feasts. And that also means a lot of work for the kitchen plumbing. In fact, Thanksgiving time is one of the highest periods of the year for emergency plumbing calls! The #1 part of the plumbing that can go wrong during Thanksgiving is the kitchen garbage disposal.

We’re always glad to help out with plumbing needs—it’s why we offer 24-hour emergency plumbing service—but we also want you to enjoy as trouble-free a holiday season as possible. So here are some tips for your garbage disposal in Chevy Chase, MD to see that it doesn’t run into any major snags:

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Bathroom Plumbing Jobs to Leave to a Plumber

Monday, November 6th, 2017

toilet-plumbing-concerned-womanNo other room in your house has more plumbing concentrated in it than the bathroom(s). The kitchen may seem like it has more fixtures and pipes, but not only does the bathroom contain more plumbing, it can account for more than 50% of all freshwater use in your home. When it comes to taking care of plumbing issues, from repairs to new fixture installations, the bathroom is the place where most of the work in your house will be done.

And the people to do those jobs are usually licensed plumbers. Yes, you can sometimes unclog a drain or toilet using a basic plunger. A simple hand-crank drain snake can remove hair from a shower drain. You can replace a washer in a leaky faucet. But any bathroom plumbing job more complicated than these requires calling an expert plumber with the best equipment. Below are some of these important jobs you should let a plumber take care of.

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