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The UV Water Purifier: How It Works and Its Benefits


People are more worried than ever before about the contaminants that might enter their home’s drinking water. Although lead is the first worry of the majority of homeowners, bacterial and microbial infections are often the bigger danger. Microorganisms that can lead to health problems can seep into a home’s water supply in a variety of ways, and unfortunately, they often slip through water treatment systems such as charcoal filters designed to trap larger particles.

Our plumbers recommend our customers look into the installation of UV water purifiers in Potomac, MD or elsewhere in Montgomery County for their homes. We offer many types of water treatment systems, and we’ll see your home receives the protection it needs.

How a UV water purifier works

Your home’s water supply can contain E. coliRhizopus stoloniferLegionella pneumophila, salmonella, viruses, cholera, and other harmful microbes… but they won’t be able to escape the power of ultraviolet radiation found in UV water purifiers. In action, this purifier is simple. It uses a special lamp that bathes the water entering through the water main in UV light at a particular wavelength harmful to the DNA of microorganisms, i.e. the “germicidal spectrum or frequency.” This UV spectrum isn’t harmful to people or pets, but it causes microorganisms to lose their ability to function and reproduce, making them unable to replicate and therefore unable to harm other organisms. A properly installed UV water purifier will destroy 99.9% of the harmful microorganisms you may find polluting your water supply.

The benefits of using a UV water purifier

The main benefit of using this type of purifier is how effectively it targets small contaminants that standard charcoal filters (the type you find infiltration pitchers and standard whole-house water filtration systems) can’t stop. Even powerful reverse osmosis filters can miss these contaminants. UV purifiers also place no restrictions on water flow and will not interfere with water pressure.

A UV water purifier also keeps water genuinely pure. Unlike other methods of dealing with water-borne microbes, a UV purifier places no chemicals such as chlorine into the water supply. The light from the ultraviolet lamps does no harm to the water—or to anybody in your home. Although people often think of UV rays as harmful to the skin (and when coming from the sun, they can be), the UV rays used in water disinfection are not carcinogenic. Besides, the process occurs in an enclosed container so no one in your household will be exposed to the lamps in the first place.

UV water purifier filters will last from 6 to 12 months, but they are easy to have replaced. You can always rely on our technicians to assist you with regular maintenance as well as repairs when necessary.

To get started with the right water treatment system for your home, arrange with us for water testing services. Our professionals can use this data to find if you require a UV water purifier or some other type of water treatment system to purify your household drinking water.