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Commercial Grease Traps: Why They’re Important


A lot of grease goes down the drains in the kitchen of a home, which can sometimes end up creating clogging issues. However, this is nothing compared to the fats, oils, and grease that flow down the drains in a food service establishment. From commercial cafeterias to small restaurants, grease is a serious issue that must be addressed differently from what is found in a residential kitchen.

What a Commercial Grease Trap Does

A commercial grease trap is a device that separates out fats, oils, and grease (hereafter known as FOG) from the wastewater that goes down drains in a business. The grease trap is sometimes located under a counter, but it may also be buried outside the property for larger businesses. The water passes through a series of chambers where the FOG is allowed to rise to the top and separate from the water. The FOG is collected, and the wastewater continues into the sewer system.

Why This Is Important

A grease trap will help a business keep its drains clean and reduce the risk of clogs starting. But that’s not the primary purpose of a commercial grease trap. It’s there to protect the municipal sewer and plumbing from excess grease that can create massive clogs throughout the sewage system.

Most municipal health codes require a food service company to have grease traps in place. Not having a grease trap, or having a clogged or broken one, can result in a health code violation that will shutter a business. You don’t want that to happen!

Contact Us for Commercial Grease Trap Services

Our team of commercial plumbers is experienced with installing, replacing, and maintaining grease traps. We’ll put in a new one if you need it to see that you’re up to code, and we’ll also see the routine cleaning necessary for your establishment to pass regular health inspections.

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