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Bathroom Plumbing Jobs to Leave to a Plumber

Woman with plunger

No other room in your house has more plumbing concentrated in it than the bathroom(s). The kitchen may seem like it has more fixtures and pipes, but not only does the bathroom contain more plumbing, it can account for more than 50% of all freshwater use in your home. When it comes to taking care of plumbing issues, from repairs to new fixture installations, the bathroom is the place where most of the work in your house will be done.

And the people to do those jobs are usually licensed plumbers. Yes, you can sometimes unclog a drain or toilet using a basic plunger. A simple hand-crank drain snake can remove hair from a shower drain. You can replace a washer in a leaky faucet. But any bathroom plumbing job more complicated than these requires calling an expert plumber with the best equipment. Below are some of these important jobs you should let a plumber take care of.

Leaking toilet

Water starting to gather around the base of a toilet is a reason to make an immediate call to a plumber. This can be a major plumbing emergency, and you don’t want to risk the sort of damage that can be done to the building material around the toilet. (You’ve heard those stories about a toilet crashing through the floor? Well, although uncommon, this can happen—and it’s because of a floor weakened from water damage.) There are a variety of reasons for toilet leaks, and you need a plumber to find the source and fix it.

Obstinate clogs

You have a clog in a sink or the toilet that isn’t responding to a standard plunger or drain snake. So what’s the next step? It shouldn’t be reaching for a store-bought “drain cleaner,” which is a bunch of caustic chemicals that can end up harming your drains while doing an inferior job. You need professional drain cleaning using top equipment to fix the problem. We use special Bio-Clean® to provide safe and effective drain cleaning.

Broken P-trap

The p-trap is the curved section of pipe under a drain, and its job is to maintain a water plug so sewer gas won’t travel the wrong direction up the drainpipe. This section might break or come loose, allowing water to fall directly into the cabinet below. Trying to fix this yourself risks poor connections that will allow for slow leaking, so please leave this to a plumber.

Sink replacement

A cracked sink will need to be replaced, and you want a professional plumber to take care of this. It’s essential the sink is properly sealed to prevent leaks around the edges, which can create numerous problems. When you call on an experienced plumber for the replacement, the job will get done fast and correctly, leaving you with few worries.

When you have to call on a plumber in Frederick, MD, for any of these problems, simply reach out to us. We offer 24-hour service to ensure you get the help you need when you need it.

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