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Is It Time to Replace Your Old Kitchen Sink?

Kitchen sink

If you’re reading this, you have some reason to have the current sink in your kitchen removed and replaced. There are a couple of reasons you might be debating this change:

  • You’re just tired of the look of the old sink. It’s been there for years—probably since before you moved into the house—and you’d like a fresh kitchen look without having to do an extensive remodel.
  • The sink isn’t flexible enough for your cooking needs. You’d like multiple bowls, better faucets, more space, etc.
  • You’re looking to have the current material of the sink replaced with something more durable.
  • The sink has damage, such as cracks or leaking around the sides, and it’s not the type of damage that a localized fix will remedy.

Whatever the reason, you’re ready to have the old sink tossed out and a new one put in. To handle this type of sink plumbing in Bethesda, MD, you’ll want to look to experienced plumbers to help you through all the steps so you end up with a great new sink.

Don’t Try to DIY This Job!

You can type in a few keywords into an Internet search engine, and the Internet will “reward” you with numerous pages and videos explaining how you can replace a kitchen sink on your own. These get clicks, but they aren’t actually helpful.

Replacing a kitchen sink is a big job. Just removing the original sink takes a great deal of work. If you want to make an upgrade to a new kind of sink—and we definitely recommend this—then the job becomes even more complex. Making mistakes with installing kitchen plumbing can have major consequences, such as leaking and water waste. A sink that isn’t correctly sealed into place can leak around its edges and develop mold and mildew troubles.

You not only are assured of an excellent sink installation when you turn to professionals, but you’ll also save time. The new installation is a fast job for plumbers with training and experience.

Choosing the New Sink

Another way professionals assist you when it comes to sink installation is helping you find the right new model. With so many different options for the layout of the sink and the different materials, you might feel worried you’ll end up with the wrong sink for your needs. Our plumbers are here to help you with making the best choice.

Arrange for Your New Sink Installation Today

It’s too late to have a new sink put in in time for Thanksgiving, but starting out the rest of the holiday season with a refreshed kitchen is a great way to give yourself an early gift—and to head into the New Year with an improved kitchen workspace. Contact us to get started.

Also, keep us in mind if you do decide to go with a complete kitchen remodel. We can handle the plumbing remodeling work that’s necessary to see your new kitchen works without leaks or water waste.

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