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Places in Your Kitchen Plumbing That May Need Repairs

Kitchen with island

The most plumbing in a home is concentrated in the bathrooms. In fact, the toilets alone account for 40% of indoor freshwater use in a house. People often assume that the kitchen has the most plumbing. Although not technically true, it’s not a bad assumption to make if it means you pay close attention to the plumbing fixtures and pipes in this part of the home. Most kitchens receive an immense amount of use from day to day, and for households that do plenty of entertaining, the kitchen plumbing becomes critical.

Like almost all residential plumbing, any repairs done to the pipes or fixtures in a kitchen must be left to licensed plumbers. Below are some of the common parts of your kitchen plumbing in Silver Spring, MD that may require professional repairs. We’re here to help, and we offer 24-hour emergency service!

The Kitchen Sink Drain

The two drains in a household that are most likely to clog are the shower drain and kitchen sink drain. The shower drain has to deal with hair going down it, and the kitchen sink drain … well, stop and think about all the food particles, grease, and oil that get washed down it, and you’ll start to see why this drain may need a plumber’s attention. When clogs strike the sink, they usually can’t be removed using just a basic plunger; the build-up will need special drain cleaning services.

The Garbage Disposal

One reason that sink drains don’t clog even more often is thanks to the work of the garbage disposal unit, which grinds down food waste so it can safely travel into the sewer line (thus helping to keep it out of landfills). However, garbage disposals go through plenty of abuse in the form of objects that are hard for them to grind down and which shouldn’t go down in them. Even with the best precautions, a disposal may break and need to be repaired.

The P-Trap

This is part of the sink drain, but a specific part that can break and come loose, leading to a basically unusable kitchen. The p-trap is the curved pipe section under the drain that traps a water plug to prevent sewer gas from flowing the wrong direction up the pipe. The p-trap can start to leak or come loose from the sink, and water will then fall straight into the cabinet below. Get a plumber on this right away so you can use the sink again.


The leaky faucet is an infamous plumbing problem, and it’s also an immense waste of water. Most people are familiar with tightening up a faucet nozzle to stop leaking, but faucets can also start to leak around their base as they get older, which in turn can cause construction material damage. Repairs in these cases usually involve having a new faucet put in.

Along with all the repair jobs we do for kitchen plumbing, we also offer plumbing service for kitchen remodeling. We’ll make sure that all the plumbing for your newly redesigned kitchen works just the way it should.

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