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A Tankless Water Heater Also Needs Occasional Repairs

The tankless water heater is a fantastic invention. Although the first tankless systems for heating water were invented more than a hundred years ago, the innovations that allowed them to become cost-effective for homes is a recent development. But those innovations have made a tremendous difference. A tankless water heater uses much less energy than a standard storage tank water heater, it won’t run out of hot water, takes up less space, has a longer service life, and runs into few repairs.

Of course, a tankless water heater isn’t magic. Even with the best regular maintenance service for one, it can still run into malfunctions and even a full system breakdown. Let’s take a look at ways a tankless system might run into troubles requiring the help of professionals to fix.

Leaking and corrosion

Anytime you have water, you have the potential for leaks. A tankless water heater is at less risk than a storage tank system because water moves rapidly through the heat exchanger of a tankless system and doesn’t create the same type of pressure. But the pipes in a tankless system can develop leaks, and when that happens, water is likely to drip down on the gas jets in the heat exchanger—and this creates corrosion danger. Corrosion is extremely damaging to the heat exchanger, and it may cause the computer system in the water heater to shut the system off. If you see any water dripping from the tankless unit, call for repairs before corrosion becomes a major issue.

Hard water problems

Hard water in household plumbing can create big trouble for a tankless system. The minerals in hard water will create limescale inside the heat exchanger, starting to close off the passage of water through it. This will cause a loss of efficiency and may even inflict permanent damage to the water heater. If you detect a drop in water pressure from the hot water taps in your home, mineral build-up might be the problem. Repairs will descale the water heater, but we recommend you look into attacking the root of the problem by installing a water softener. (This is also a service we provide.)

Poor ventilation

For gas-powered tankless water heaters—the most common kind—venting out exhaust gases is just as important as with any other natural gas appliance. The hot exhaust must escape fast from the small tankless system, and this can be difficult if the ventilation tubes are too long or twisted. What will happen in this case is the computer system of the water heater will trigger a shutdown as a safety precaution. If your water heater stops like this, you’ll need to have technicians look into the venting to discover what needs to be fixed.

When it comes to water heaters in Bethesda, MD and throughout Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia, the people to contact for service are the ones on our staff. We provide full repairs and replacements for tankless and standard storage tank water heaters.

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