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Watch for Warnings You Need Bathroom Plumbing Work

Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom has the most plumbing of any room in your house: more pipes than the kitchen, and more taps and fixtures as well. More than 40% of indoor water use goes to the bathroom toilet alone. The plumbing in your bathroom handles an enormous amount of work—and sometimes this leads to it needing repairs.

Cleaning silt out of an aerator in a faucet or getting rid of basic clogs with a plunger are bathroom plumbing fix-it jobs you can tackle on your own. Anything more complicated will take the work of licensed professional plumbers. Below are a few of the warning signs that you have bathroom plumbing in need of some expert work.

Slow Drains

A completely stopped up drain is an obvious problem, although you may be able to clear it out with a plunger or a hand-cranked drain snake. (Don’t use chemical drain cleaners, which can damage the drainpipe.) But if shower and sink drains are draining slowly, and you find yourself standing in a few inches of water in the shower, it’s probably time to have professionals clean out the drains. There may be other problems deeper in the drainage system, so call a plumber to be sure.

Low water pressure

The water from the bathroom faucet is coming out much weaker than you expect. The first thing to check is the aerator, which may be filled up with minerals. If this isn’t the source of the problem, you will need to have a plumber find out exactly what’s wrong. This issue might be hidden leaks, trouble with the water heater, or a clog in one of the freshwater lines. (Yes, freshwater lines can clog up as well, often because of hard water deposits.)

Damp spots around the toilet

If you notice a feeling of dampness from near the toilet’s base, the toilet is leaking because of a deteriorating wax ring around where it connects to the floor. This must be repaired as soon as possible, since the water damage done to the floor will weaken it, leading to significant damage that may result in the toilet going through the floor. (This happens more often than you may think.) In general, any sign of leaking from the toilet is a reason to call a plumber right away.

Drips that won’t stop

The dripping bathroom faucet is a notorious nuisance for keeping people awake at night. It also wastes water. If you’ve got a dripping faucet and tightening up the faucet head isn’t fixing the issue, don’t try to tamper more with it. This may mean high water pressure, broken valves, or poor drainage inside the pipes of water left over after the tap is turned off. Not only is the dripping wasting water and creating an annoyance, but the problems behind it may cause serious damage to the plumbing.

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