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Why a Cold Beer and a Hot Shower is the Perfect Combination

drinking beer in shower

A can of beer in one hand. Exfoliating loofah in the other. What could be better?

For many, knocking back a cold one in a hot shower is cherished rite -- a reward for a lawn well-mowed, a personal-record 3K run, or simply surviving another stressful day at the office.

But what is it about this combination that’s so...intoxicating?

We’re going to tell you what science has to say on the subject, as well as offer several beer-shower best practices.

Your Brain on Shower Beer

Even without an alcoholic beverage in hand, showering is a great way to relax, helping release the feel-good chemical dopamine. Beer also boasts powerful pleasure properties, dousing your brain with stress-relieving endorphins.

Combine the tranquility of a shower with the calming influence of beer, and it’s easy to see the allure.

Rinse and Imbibe

Shower drinking is intended to be a carefree indulgence. However, certain considerations can further enhance the experience.

Beer type matters: While it’s a matter of preference, the consensus among shower-beer enthusiasts -- yes, they exist -- is cheap lagers are best reserved for shower time. Think domestics that go down quick and easy, i.e., Bud Light, Coors, and Rolling Rock. No sense in diluting your pricey microbrew with shower water.

Consider the container: A glass bottle in the shower is risky business. Plus, it poses the challenge of twisting or popping off the cap with slippery hands. For safety and convenience, drink out of a can. If you’re concerned about your barley pop going lukewarm, pour it into a HydroFlask, which seals your drink from streams of water between sips.

Drink beer foam, not soap foam: The danger of shower drinking is that you risk getting soap suds in your Budweiser. Solution: Rinse thoroughly between sips. Place the can on the soap shelf or shower caddy while scrubbing up.

Bottom line: This goes without saying, but drinking responsibly applies in the shower, too. Of course, it’s hard enjoying an IPA with your daily soak when you’re dealing with clogs or a water heater on the fritz. For a perfectly functioning shower, contact Mallick Plumbing & Heating at (301) 804-6759.

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