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Simple Ways to Keep Your Plumbing System in Top Shape

Water heater and technician

We find that the plumbing system is one that stays on the backburner in homeowners’ minds. We understand why—plumbing isn’t exactly a sexy topic and the plumbing system in your home is actually quite complex. It’s not always easy to understand how your plumbing system works and that’s why we have an expert team here at our company to help you with all your heating and cooling needs.

If you’re looking to keep your plumbing system in top shape, then make sure you have service from a reliable team like ours. If you’re looking for a great plumber in Hyattsville, MD then contact our team. We’ve serviced the Silver Spring area since 1994 and we’re the number one choice in HVAC for a reason.

Watch Out for These…

When you’re having trouble with your plumbing system, it’s always a good idea to call a professional plumber. Don’t try to DIY these services under any circumstance. But, if you’d like to take care of your plumbing system on your own time then make sure that you follow these guidelines.

In the Bathroom:

Don’t make the mistake of putting these down your bathroom sink or in your toilet.

Hair: Hair going down your shower or sink drain poses a big problem to your plumbing system. Hair tends to catch itself in preexisting sludge like substances in your plumbing system. Try putting a strainer over your drain so that you can scoop this hair up and dispose of it easily after a shower or bath.

Soap Scum: Do you know what soap scum is? It’s a term that we hear commonly in commercials, but we want to make sure that you know the source. Soap scum is the cause of a soap byproduct and hard water (water with a high mineral content of calcium or magnesium) mixing together. Soap scum forms build up in your drain and causes clogging.

In the Kitchen:

These are common problems we encounter in kitchen plumbing, avoid these substances at all costs:

FOG: FOG is an industry term that stands for “fat, oil, or grease.” FOG is by far the number one culprit of any kitchen sink clogging you might have. FOG is such a big deal because it travels down your drain as a liquid but then congeals, settles, and becomes a sludge-like solid that’s the perfect consistency to capture and trap any other particles going down your drain.

Coffee Grounds: Coffee grounds cause the same problem in your drain that FOG does. Never put coffee grounds down your kitchen sink. The best way to dispose of coffee grounds is to use a spare container and dispose of them in there and then deposit them in the trash. If you’re feeling eco-friendly, coffee grounds are a great source of nitrogen and serve as great fodder for your azaleas.


This is advice that applies to your entire plumbing system.

Store Bought Drain Cleaner: If there’s one thing you should avoid no matter the circumstance, make sure that its store-bought drain cleaner. We get why you’d buy it, you’re standing in the aisle at the store and reading all these fantastic claims about how this cheap product can alleviate all your slow-moving drain problems, but trust us, these caustic chemicals do more harm than good.

If you need a plumber in Hyattsville, contact Mallick Plumbing and Heating today.