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How to Know When You Need a New Water Heater

Cold shower

When it comes to plumbing and HVAC, the biggest factor is timing. You need to know when something has to go and do so proactively so that you don’t run into an entire system breakdown. Your water heater probably isn’t an appliance in your home that you think about daily, but we’re encouraging you to think about it today.

Your water heater is an incredibly important system in your home so when it’s time to replace it, it’s incredibly important to do so quickly. When you need a good plumber in Frederick, MD for these services then make sure that you contact our team.

Signs It’s Time for Your Current Water Heater to Go

Here are the signs that it’s probably time for your current water heater to get swapped out with a new one.

You Don’t Have Enough Water

You’re in the shower heating up on a chilly winter morning and suddenly the water runs ice cold—this is the last thing you could possibly want. If this happens to you often then you need a new water heater. So many people try to brush this off because they have a high-water demand due to their lifestyle or a large number of people living under one roof. This still shouldn’t be something that you should write off, you need a water heater that can handle the capacity of your home.

Cloudy Water

Is the water that you see in your home rusty or cloudy? This is a problem that there’s corrosion going on inside of your tank water heater. This means that even if your water heater works right now, you need to get on the market for a new one because the clock is ticking. Water heater corrosion breaks down a system quickly—call a plumber at your earliest convenience.

Popping and Rumbling

The most common problem sound you’ll hear from a water heater is popping or rumbling. If you hear either of these noises then it’s highly likely that there’s a problem with sediment build up in your system. The popping and rumbling sound is the sediment coming in contact with the heating element—it makes a lot of noise as it burns the sediment away. This is a problem that’s easily rectified but you will need a professional to flush your system.

It’s Older

How old is your water heater? If your water heater is between the ages of 10 and 15, and you have a substantial amount of problems running the water heater, then you should start thinking about replacing your water heater. Water heaters are only meant to last for so long. If you try to push this system past its limits you’ll only cause inefficiency and further problems.

We don’t expect you to know the age of your water heater off the top of your head. You can find out the age by looking at the serial number. You’ll see numbers like B101124741 or D071234790. The letters correspond to the months of the year B would be February and D would be April. The next two digits representing the year 10 would be 2010 and 07 would be 2007. Take a look at your water heater to determine the age.

If you’re ready to upgrade your water heater contact Mallick Plumbing & Heating today.