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Your Guide to Sink Styles

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If you want to remodel your bathroom or add to your home, you have a lot of style decisions to make. How is everything going to fit together? What is going to stick out to guests? How can I make the room function well? One of the most important things you’ll consider is the presence of your bathroom sink! You will have to use that faucet every single day after all! It needs to make sense from a functional and stylistic perspective. We want to walk you through the thought process we recommend and give you some pros and cons so you can decide what sink is best for you!

What are the Choices for a Bathroom Sink?

It may be easiest to focus on the bathroom primarily. Here you have a little bit more wiggle room to go with aesthetics over pure functionality. With your kitchen, you’ll need to weigh what you need out of it for cooking and cleaning purposes and might not want to go with an overly stylized sink. For example, you’ll need a garbage disposal system on your kitchen sink.

Drop-in Sink

These types of sinks are cheap to install and quite common. They are named after the way they are installed. Essentially, you will have an empty space on your countertop where the sink can be placed in. The weight of the sink is help by a lip around the sink that sits on the vanity.

The pros of this are that it’s simple and can be uninstalled fairly easily. On the negative side of things, things can get caught underneath the lip, which may be potentially unsightly.


While the drop-in sink rests on top of your vanity, the undermount sink is mounted underneath the countertop. This is not as simple as an installation as a drop-in. You’ll likely need the help of professionals for a well-done installation. It’s important to consider the type of countertop you have. You’ll need a sturdy enough vanity so that it can be screwed-in effectively. This can be considered a con because it can limit your design choices.

Vessel Sink

If you want a minimalistic, sleek, modern design, you will appreciate the vessel sink. The whole basin will sit atop your countertop, so it will really stand out. Feel free to experiment with different materials such as stone or even ceramics. This style can go a long way to making your sink stand out in your bathroom.

Kitchen Options

Here we’ll discuss the more functional side of sinks. Your kitchen needs to be functional or you will never use it. If you’re installing a sink, don’t set yourself back. Go for functionality!

Double Basin

You probably don’t want or need a huge restaurant-style kitchen. You’re going to have to make do with one, maybe two sinks. This means you need to maximize what your sink can do. This is where the double basin sink comes into play. Since there are two bowls in this sink, you can effectively separate dishes to make your dishwashing simple and straightforward.


A workstation sink is the best of the best. You’ll find this type of sink in professional kitchens. If cooking is your passion, you may want to consider this choice. It’s going to be big and have everything you need to effectively separate items in your sink while having a great faucet as well. Of course, these cost a bit more because they can be quite intricate. However, maybe it’s the right choice for you!

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