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Are Hot Showers Bad for You?

Woman drawing heart in shower steam.

There’s nothing more calming than stepping into a hot spray of water at the end of a long day. However, as it turns out, hot showers may not be as relaxing in the long term as we want them to be.

Downsides of Hot Showers

Hot water can be relaxing, but it’s also fairly rough on your skin and hair.

Hot Water Dries Skin Out

The major downside to hot showers is the effects hot water has on your skin. Hot water dries out the sebum layer of skin, which provides much of our body’s natural moisture and protects our skin.

Hot water damages keratin cells on this outer layer of our skin and prevents these cells from creating moisture. The result of dry skin may be a minor inconvenience for some, but it can also worsen pre-existing conditions for individuals with eczema or psoriasis.

Hot Water Increases Blood Pressure

According to Curtis Rimmerman, MD at the Cleveland Clinic, hot water can also increase your blood pressure as any “sudden or extended immersion in hot water can overheat your body and stress your heart.”

Benefits of Hot Showers

Eternally cold people rejoice because hot showers are not without benefits.

  • Good for muscle fatigue - Hot water has been known to help penetrate your skin and ease muscle tension more effectively than using a heating pad or other therapy.
  • Opens up airways - Hot water creates steam, which is proven to help open your airways and improve respiratory health when you’re sick. It can also loosen up any buildup of mucus in your nasal passages, making it easier to breathe through congestion.
  • Purifies pores - Hot steam also opens your pores up and makes it easier for you to get a deep clean as you wash your face.

The cons of hot showers don’t mean you have to give them up entirely. Still, it does mean you should seek to balance your shower temperature and invest in water treatment systems to soften the quality of your water or skincare products such as moisturizers for daily use after bathing.

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