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City Supplied Tap Water Can Leave You Wanting Something Better

Like most people, when you turn on your faucet, you expect the water flowing out to be fresh and clean. But it’s important to remember that all water is not the same! While all municipal water treatment facilities are held to EPA guidelines, some do not excel at producing pleasant-tasting drinking water.

City Supplied Water Quality Isn't Consistent

City water's mineral and chemical content can vary depending on weather conditions and how far you live from your local treatment facility. Most people have become accustomed to and enjoy the taste of bottled water. So, when the city water from your tap has a vastly different flavor, it can be off-putting, even if it’s safe and clean. Adding a water treatment system to your home can remove the final layers of sediment, volatile organic compounds, and chemicals that often get past the systems at public treatment plants. Once you’ve added a water treatment system, your water will taste fresh and clean, and you’ll be able to save the money you’re currently spending on bottled water.

3 Reasons to Add a Water Treatment System to Your Home

While there are many reasons to add a water treatment system to your plumbing system, the main reasons are those most important to the average homeowner – the safety and health of you and those you love. City water sources are filled with runoff water, which can be filled with pollutants and contaminants. The water is cleaned daily using strong chemicals, which can impact the taste or smell of the water. Once the water is clean, what’s left behind is harder water containing minerals and chemicals that can leave your skin drier and your hair more brittle.

1. A water treatment system will improve the health of your skin and hair. You deserve more than city water, which is harmful to your skin and dulls the shine of your hair. The residue from mineral deposits commonly found in untreated water leaves your skin and hair with a dull appearance and breaks down collagen, causing brittleness.

2. A water treatment system will save you from buying bottled water. How your water tastes is important, and it’s hard to ignore the foul chemical smell or a strange aftertaste that accompanies hard water. Plus, you’re forced to purchase bottled water when your water tastes bad. Bottled water is a problematic environmental choice, and it’s also not a great economic one. You could easily spend over $500 per year on bottled water per year.

3. A water treatment system ensures you’re not vulnerable to city water failures. When the city water system fails, for example, during a mass power outage or infrastructure failures like a ruptured water main. You won’t be left boiling your water in fear of danger to your health and those you love.

If you currently receive your water from your city’s municipal water system, adding a water treatment system to your home will provide peace of mind, safety, and great-tasting water for you to enjoy.

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