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Garbage Disposal Units
by Mallick Plumbing & Heating
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Garbage Disposal Services in Silver Spring, MD & Montgomery County

Few appliances in your home see as much use as your garbage disposal, and most of us take it for granted despite multiple uses each and every day. As a result, problems tend to catch people by surprise, and when things don’t go right, it can feel like your whole kitchen has been rendered useless.

At Mallick Plumbing & Heating, we can perform repair services on kitchen garbage disposals of all varieties. But we also believe in preventing many of those repairs in the first place, which means top-notch installation, maintenance and replacement services, as well as repairs. That keeps you covered from one end of your sink disposal unit’s life to the other, and ensures that when something goes wrong, your chosen service contractors will answer the call!

If your garbage disposal is giving you problems, or if you’re thinking about installing a new one, contact our team today!

We had used other plumbing companies in the past, but Mallick has been the best by far.

- Mike C.

Silver Spring Garbage Disposal Installation Services

Most of our sink disposal unit installation calls in Silver Spring are actually replacement calls, since garbage disposals are practically universal at this point. But even if you’re installing a new system in a sink that never had one before, you need to make sure whoever’s doing it is set up to do it right.

At Mallick Plumbing & Heating we never use substandard screws or other installation materials, and we go over all stages of installation carefully so there’s no problem with your new kitchen garbage disposal. Not only does that start things off on the right foot, but it can prevent the kind of wear and tear that eventually lead to repairs!

Call Us for Garbage Disposal Repair & Troubleshooting

Garbage disposals should only be repaired by professionals, but that doesn’t preclude a few basic troubleshooting steps that you can engage in to see if it fixes the problem. Unplug the devices and search the disposal for any utensils, bones or other items that may have clogged the gears. Don’t force anything, but if you can get it out without much fuss, you may have solved the problem.

If that doesn’t work, plug it back in and press the red reset button found underneath it. Only then should you call in the professionals at Mallick Plumbing & Heating, and let us take care of the issue. That can save you money wasted on a needless service call.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance Does a World of Good

Garbage disposals have a lot of moving parts, which means that breakdowns can take place more regularly than other appliances in your Silver Spring home. That’s why we recommend making disposal maintenance a part of your overall plumbing maintenance plan.

With it in place, we’ll be able to examine your disposal on a regular basis, not only helping to cut down on wear and tear, but spotting trouble before it starts and correcting the problem before it results in a far more expensive bill down the road. We believe that an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure, and that the more we can do to stop breakdowns before they start, the better service we can be to our customers. Contact the expert plumbers at Mallick Plumbing & Heating today to set up a service appointment.

Tips for any season.

Consider replacing a water heater more than 15 years old. (The first four numbers of the serial number represent the month and year it was made.) Newer water heaters are more energy efficient and Make sure all of the faucets in the kitchen, bathrooms and basement are not leaking or dripping – this includes the water spout and the hot/cold handles.

1-Year warranty on new installations.

30-days warranty on repairs.

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