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When Should I Schedule Drain Cleaning?


“Drain cleaning” doesn’t mean pouring a bottle of acidic chemicals down a clogged drain opening and hoping that will take care of everything. This is just a type of “drain unclogging”—and unfortunately it often won’t even achieve that. Worse, those caustic chemicals can end up doing damage to the drainpipe!

Actual drain cleaning is a professional service that licensed plumbers can perform for you using tools such as motorized drain snakes and powerful hydro-jetting equipment. But when should you arrange for drain cleaning? There are two specific times, which we’ll look at below.

Every Year

Drain cleaning should be a service that you have done once a year as part of general maintenance for the plumbing in your household. This is a great preventive measure against all sorts of drain and sewer troubles. Using hydro-jetters, plumbers can so thoroughly scour away the organic gunk and other build-up on the drainpipe walls that it will make clogs almost impossible—and the renewed build-up will take much longer to start again. Regular drain cleaning also helps to stop problems with high-water pressure, limescale from hard water, and bad-smelling drains.

Emergency Clogs

When you run into a clog in your sink or in another drain in your house that you can get rid of using a plunger or a simple hand-crank drain snake, don’t make any other attempts to clear it. This is when you need to call on professionals to completely clean the drain. Simply punching a hole through a clog to allow water through usually means the blockage will start up again a short time later. The complete scouring of the drain that you’ll receive from professional drain cleaning will not only get rid of the clogging, but it will also stop it from coming back.

To arrange for drain cleaning, either as regular service or in an emergency, call on Mallick Plumbing & Heating. We serve Rockville, MD and throughout Silver Spring and Montgomery County.