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As Winter Ends, Watch Out for Gas Boiler Trouble


The weather is starting to warm up a bit, although we’re still not necessarily going to escape cold snaps during March. It’s a smart idea to keep a close watch on the gas boiler that provides heat to your home during this period. You should never ignore signs of a boiler malfunction just because spring is around the corner. Letting a repair issue slide can lead to trouble, including a leaking boiler that creates water damage!

Here are a few indications of possible trouble with your boiler during the late winter. When you see any of these signs, reach out to our technicians. Along with extensive plumbing work, we also service gas boilers in Rockville, MD, and the surrounding areas.

  • Rumbling: A rumbling sound from a boiler is an alarming noise. However, there’s little chance that the boiler is about to burst. But the rumbling is still a warning of a major problem and you’ll need professionals to look into it right away. Shut the boiler and the gas off and call for assistance right away.
  • Water around the boiler: If you notice water pooling underneath your boiler, it’s probably because of leakage. This can occur because of loose connections to the pipes or even corrosion along the tank. (In cases of corrosion, you’ll usually need to have the entire boiler tank replaced.)
  • Uneven heating: When you notice some rooms are colder than others, the issue may be with the unit controls on the boiler or leaks along the pipes leading to the radiators or baseboard heaters. The burners may also be failing.
  • Burner flames change color: The gas burners on a boiler should be a steady blue color. If the flames turn yellow, red, or green, something is wrong with the burning of the natural gas—and this can mean the creation of dangerous carbon monoxide. Only trust professionals to investigate and find out what is wrong with the burners.

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