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Is It Time for a New Garbage Disposal?


You probably think of a garbage disposal as a pretty tough item in your kitchen: it can take anything you put in it, and it will keep working for many years without problems.

But although garbage disposals are durable, they won’t last forever. There’s no such thing as “the last garbage disposal you’ll ever need to buy.” At this time of year, after a holiday season when your disposal went through a great deal of work, you should size up the system’s performance and weigh whether it is time to replace it.

Below are some ways you can tell that you should contact us to replace your sink disposal. Our plumbers are ready to help with the garbage disposal services you need.

You need to hit the “reset” button regularly

The reset button on the bottom of the disposal unit is one you should only need to press on occasion—after a heavy clog, for example. If you have to reset the disposal on a regular basis, it probably means the motor is worn down and close to failing.

Food takes longer to grind

When it takes much longer than it used to for the disposal to clear out the food in the hopper, the grind ring or the impellers are wearing down. You can’t “sharpen” the blades (there aren’t any sharp blades in the disposal, only the blunt impellers), so it’s usually best to get a new unit.

Clogs are common

If the drain with the disposal is experiencing clogs on a regular basis, it may be because the disposal isn’t grinding as well as it used to. If you have a newer disposal, the problem may be that its capacity is too small for your needs.

Major leaks

Leaks around the disposal, such as the sink flange, can be costly and difficult to repair. In some cases, it’s less expensive to have a new disposal put in. Ask your plumber for advice about how to proceed.

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