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Times When a Tank Water Heater Is a Good Installation Choice

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We’re proud to offer a number of excellent alternate options when it comes to water heaters. The standard for most homes is a storage tank water heater, but now there’s the choice of a tankless water heater or a heat pump water heater. Both offer many benefits, such as cutting down on energy use and enjoying longer service lives.

In fact, when you look over all the benefits of these types of water heater, it might seem like there’s no reason to go with the conventional storage tank model. However… this isn’t exactly the truth.

No Two Homes have the Same Water Heater Needs

Deciding on the best water heater for a home isn’t something that should be done without careful consideration and the input of professionals. For example, although tankless and heat pump water heaters have the potential to save money through their energy-efficient performance, there isn’t a guarantee that they’ll save a home money over the long run. It depends on water use patterns. And because these two types of water heaters are more expensive to install, it’s possible they won’t pay back their costs compared to a less expensive tank water heater.

One area where a tank water heater has a special advantage is that it can take much more concentrated use compared to other systems. It’s easy for a tankless system to become overwhelmed, struggling to keep heating sufficient water when there are multiple taps on. If your household uses a large amount of hot water, it sometimes more advisable to go with a standard tank model.

Another thing to consider is the hot water plumbing. Changing to a new type of water heater may require re-piping to accommodate it. If you stay with a tank water heater, installing it is a much simpler job.

To make certain that you have the best possible water heater to meet your home’s needs, speak to our water heater specialists.

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