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Why Schedule Drain Cleaning This Fall


You probably have a long list of fall “to-dos” planned to prepare your house for the coming change of seasons. For example, you will have to schedule maintenance for your heating system, and if you have a generator for emergencies, it will need an inspection before it’s ready to go.

But have you put down “professional drain cleaning” on your list of fall to-do items? We’d wager you haven’t since homeowners, in general, tend to think of drain cleaning as something that they only need to have done when there’s a major clog in a sink, shower, or bathtub. There’s also a tendency to connect “drain cleaning” with bottles of chemicals at the grocery store, not the work of professional plumbers. But we strongly recommend you call our plumbers this fall and arrange for drain cleaning in Potomac, MD for your home’s plumbing system.

Regular drain cleaning offers many benefits

Why arrange this each year? Is it really a priority to have professionals clean your drains? The best way to answer these questions is to explain some of the benefits you’ll receive:

  • Few (to no) clogs: No plumbing service can guarantee a house won’t run into a clogged drain (objects can always accidentally fall over into a drain). But professional drain cleaning can reduce the chance of clogs occurring to as close to zero as you can get. The cleaning removes the build-up from the pipe wall so thoroughly that it gives food particles, hair, soap scum, etc. little opportunity to stick to the pipe walls and begin the build-up process again.
  • Stop bad-smelling drains: Food and other organic particles along the inside of drainpipes are a major cause for problems with bad drain odors and sewer flies. Cleaner drains mean a more pleasant household.
  • Longer life for the plumbing system: The build up inside pipes isn’t only a trouble for the efficiency of your plumbing. It can cause damage to the drainpipes and the sewer line over the long-term. For example, soap scum developing inside bathroom sink and shower drains can create a chemical reaction that will eat right through the pipes. Large buildup also raises pressure in the plumbing and creates the risk of leaks starting up.

Don’t touch those chemical drain cleaners!

We mentioned store-bought drain cleaners at the top of this post. This is something we want to emphasize: do not use these on your drains! They are a tempting, low-cost option supposedly to clean drains, but these caustic chemical concoctions can harm your drains. They’re also highly toxic, and even the fumes can burn your eyes. No professional plumber recommends using them.

Our plumbers rely on Bio-Clean® as part of unclogging drains and drain cleaning. Bio-Clean is an environmentally friendly drain cleaning solution that uses the natural power of bacteria and enzymes to remove organic waste from drains. We’ll use Bio-Clean and other professional methods (such as hydro-jetting) to ensure you have fully cleansed drains that won’t give you trouble for a long time to come.

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