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Off-Season Is a Good Time to Replace Your Gas Boiler


When warm weather arrives, one of the last things you want to think about is providing warmth to your home. Most of the time, you’ll be focused on how to keep it cool. But the middle of the year is the right time to make any major upgrades to your home’s heating system. If you use an old, unreliable gas boiler in Chevy Chase, MD to handle your home heating requirements, we recommend using late spring and summer to schedule an upgrade to a new boiler system.

Why Replace a Boiler Now?

First, it’s simply more convenient. You won’t need the boiler in service until the fall, so there’s no period of downtime where you won’t have the heating you need. Scheduling a replacement isn’t difficult because the service technicians who can do the job (like the ones on our team) have more open schedules, especially if you arrange for the work in late spring/early summer before the hotter days arrive. The cool-to-warm days are a time when heating service technicians are the least busy—and ours are happy to help you with a new gas boiler installation.

Putting in a new gas boiler is a job that must never be rushed, so using the time available to you during warmer weather will help you make the right choices. Our installation experts will never rush a job, but with the extra time they can assist you with going through the options carefully, and this includes helping you to make the choice to replace the old gas boiler in the first place rather than to continue with repairs.

Please keep in mind that only licensed professionals can work on a gas boiler. Any appliance connected to a gas main is a potential safety hazard if an amateur tinkers with it. Leave the job to our licensed experts and you’ll have a safe boiler to handle your future heating need.

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