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Gas Boiler Prepared for Winter?


Many homes in Silver Springs and the surrounding areas use a gas boiler to provide winter heat rather than a furnace. Boilers offer a more even distribution of heat in rooms, faster heat delivery, and energy-saving operation. Compared to a furnace, a boiler will need fewer repairs during its lifetime and should enjoy extra years of service.

You Can’t Avoid All Boiler Repairs, However

No boiler can ever be 100%-free from malfunctions, and before the hard cold of winter arrives, you want to make sure that your boiler is in good shape. The best way to do this is to call our technicians and schedule regular maintenance. This is an essential task for any heating system so it can be inspected and tuned-up. It has particular importance for a gas-powered system such as a boiler since the inspections help detect if there may be any safety concerns so repairs can be arranged in time if there are. Keeping up with annual fall maintenance for a gas boiler will help it enjoy the longest service life possible.

Catch Repair Signs Early

After maintenance, you should still give the boiler a test run in the last days before the long cold weather sets in. You can look for any odd behaviors warning of repair issues. These include:

  • Rumbling sounds from the boiler tank
  • Cool spots in some of the rooms because a radiator or baseboard heater is heating up
  • Indications of leaking

Never hesitate to contact professionals to check on your gas boiler if you believe something is amiss with it.

We offer service for gas boilers in Silver Spring, MD. Remember that only licensed professionals are legally permitted to work on any appliance connected to a gas main, and this includes a boiler system! You can rely on our team to repair any issue with your boiler or help you with a new installation if it’s time to replace your old boiler.

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