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How a Tankless Water Heater May Malfunction

tankless water heater

We often recommend the installation of a tankless water heater to our customers who are looking to have a new water heater system put in, either as the first water heater for a house or as a replacement for an aging tank water heater. There are numerous advantages to using a tankless water heater, such as lower energy bills, longer equipment life, and unlimited hot water supply.

Another advantage of tankless water heaters is that they encounter fewer repairs on average than storage tank water heaters. This is because they don’t deal with the stress of water stored in a tank and the continual need to use energy to keep the water heater. A tankless water heater simply does less work, and that means it doesn’t wear down as fast.

But … tankless water heaters may still encounter repair needs that will require calling on a professional plumber.

What Can Go Wrong with a Tankless Water Heater?

  • Low water pressure. A tankless water heater moves water from the hot water line through a heat exchanger, where heat from the gas jets is transferred into the water. Deposits inside the heat exchanger can cause the outlets from the tankless system to become clogged. If you notice low water pressure coming from your hot water faucets, these clogs might be the reason. The most common cause of these deposits is hard water. You’ll need technicians to clear out the obstructions, and you should probably have them install a water softener for the house to prevent further problems.
  • Leaks in the heat exchanger. A tankless water heater can develop leaks inside the heat exchanger. When this happens, the escaping water will put the system in danger of corrosion. A corroded water heater almost always needs to be replaced. If the tankless water heater doesn’t properly vent out exhaust gases from the heat exchanger, it can cause the heat exchanger to corrode, and this can be potentially harmful to your house. At the first indication of corrosion on your tankless water heater, call for repair professionals.
  • Gas ignition problems. A tankless system can also fail in the ways that a standard gas-powered water heater or furnace can fail. The gas jets can become dirty and fail to ignite fully—or ignite at all. If the electronic ignition system breaks, the water heater won’t come on and you’ll end up with no hot water at all.

What to Do If Your Tankless Water Heater Has Stopped Working

No matter what issue you start to encounter with your tankless water heater, you must have licensed professionals handle any fixes. The majority of tankless systems run from natural gas, and only certified technicians should work with any appliance connected to a gas main. This ensures that the repairs are done safely and correctly. If the technicians discover that the tankless water heater is past the point where repairs will do much good, they’ll arrange to have the unit replaced.

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